The market need

In the advertising world, players would prefer if their advertising budget would be dependent on the customers’ actual exposure to their ads. Just like Internet rating, (based on number of clicks per ad), has become a standard in the Internet advertising world and people meter has become a standard in the TV rating world out-of-home advertisers are seeking a method that will accurately measure exposure to the advertisements played in public areas.

The TruMedia Solution

TruMedia offers the OOH advertising players a needed solution for measuring actual OOH viewers, the rating of the content played (gaze time/dwell time) along with a tool that enables adapting content on screens to the audiences’ demographics.

Most of the time ads displayed on screens are not effective in reaching their target audiences. TruMedia’s solution accurately measures the number of viewers watching the digital signage content played on screens, by counting the number of people that viewed the content played and providing information on the viewers’ demographics (gender and age group).

In addition, the real-time metrics makes it possible to target the current viewing audience with an advertisement based on the demographics of the people watching, thus, maximizing the effectiveness of the ad played.

TruMedia provides a solution that:

  • Measures number of people that viewed your advertised content and their demographics.
  • Maximizes effectiveness of advertised content by displaying targeted content based on customers’ demographics.
  • Measures how many people viewed the advertised content and for how long they watched.
  • Provides gaze (time viewers are looking at the screen) and dwell (total time viewers are in the area) data, generating opportunity to see information.
  • Enables planning digital signage advertisements for different demographic groups based on their shopping peak hours.

TruMedia’s PROM

Targeted advertising for out-of-home displays is an effective way to increase the return on advertising dollars. TruMedia’s PROM (Pro- Active Marketing Solution) enables real-time advertising that targets the current audience, without relying on statistical audience models or on viewer cooperation. Using PROM advertisers can adapt their content in real time to match the viewing audience for truly pro-active advertising.

Using a real-time communication interface, TruMedia System provides current audience composition by gender and age group to the Media Player which then can select and present the most appropriate content to that specific audience.

Content Base Report

Through the integration with CMS (Content Management System) providers, TruMedia provides the CBR (Content Base Report). This means the ability to evaluate the effectiveness/ impact of every single content played by adding demographic measurements to the media players. This application is made possible through the integration of TruMedia’s demographic measurement technology with digital media management systems. The information gathered includes information such as: who watched the content, for how long they watched and based on that a decision regarding whether a change in content is required could be more accurately made.


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