The market need

Bank managements want to know who their customers are in order to be ready with a targeted offer at any given time. Knowing the demographics (gender and age group) of the customers as well as in what areas they stay the longest, when they visit and what they look at are all powerful tools that enable maximizing the bank’s targetingefforts.

Most of the time ads displayed on screens in the bank are not effective in reaching their target audiences. As an example: targeting a child with a pension savings account will turn out non-effective just like targeting a senior citizen with a mortgage plan. The bank can increase revenues if it can automatically target customers’ with the most suited advertisement.

The TruMedia solution

TruMedia offers banks a solution to analyze customer profile and behavior in key bank areas.
The solution is a complete turnkey solution that provides answers to the need to understand and target the bank’s customers.

The solution combines people counting with demographic measurement functionalities. As a result, the bank is provided with information regarding his customers’: gender and age group, what they saw in the bank and for how long they looked. In addition, what is the total number of customers entering the branch along with their distribution throughout the day for each branch. TruMedia goes beyond audience measurement, the real-time metrics make it possible to target the current viewing audience with a sales and advertisement offering based on their demographics. Precise targeting means maximizing the bank’s advertising efforts leading to increased turnover for the bank.


Targeted sales match the bank’s offering to customers’ profile and behavior in order to maximize sales.

Branch patterns measure where customers go to most within the bank, measure their general flow and dwell time per area. Based on this, managers can adjust and increase the number of bank clerks and ATM’s in highly populated areas.

Targeted advertising target relevant customers with a bank offering (based on customers’ demographics) at strategic locations where customers are unengaged and available..

Benchmarking measure and compare different branches based on management’s relevant and chosen indexes.


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