Leading European Fashion Chain

Leading European fashion chain wanted to understand in-store customer behavior

The context

A leading European fashion chain with over 2,000 stores throughout Europe, wanted to better understand traffic trends in their different stores. They wanted to know the demographics (gender and age group) of their shoppers as well as where in the store they stay the longest, when they shop, what they look at and what are the conversion rates. They understood that this knowledge is a key to maximizing their targeting efforts and increasing sales.

The TruMedia solution

The leading fashion chain installed a variety of devices (iCapture and iTally) across multiple sites, gathering demographic information on all its customers.
iCapture – accurately measures audience attention towards screens. It serves both real-time Proactive Marketing (adapting content played based on the viewer’s demographics) and audience measurement via the TruMedia Dashboard. It measures shopper behavior near end-cap POP stands monitors and product displays. It is comprised of a smartbox- a small video processing box and one or several sensors.
iTally – a video-based people flow and traffic counter solution that automatically detects, track and counts people as they pass through any predefined entry or exit point (such as stores or malls), or if they gather around any area of interest. It is comprised of a smartbox and one or several special iTally sensors.

Data was gathered from the different devices sent to the TruMedia portal and then analyzed by management, providing valuable information on the customers of the different stores.


Following the installation, the fashion chain was able to analyze the demographics of the shoppers during different parts of the day. Also, they could compare the conversion rate of the visitors between the different stores. Based on the information above, they could support and adjust their sales‐force according to the demographics of the customers and support, when needed, with extra training.


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