A European Bank wanted to improve customer experience in the Bank.

The context

A European Bank wanted to improve its service and customer experience in the Bank. In order to achieve this goal, the Bank was seeking a solution that will enable it to note peaks in its‘ customer traffic and to understand what are the highly populated areas in the bank as well as how long is the average waiting time for service in the different departments. They also wanted to improve customer targeting via a targeted advertisement platform since most of the time ads displayed on screens in the bank are not effective in reaching their target audiences. As an example: targeting a teenager with a pension savings account will turn out non-effective just like targeting a senior citizen with a mortgage plan. The bank can increase revenues if it can automatically target customers with the most suited advertisement.

The TruMedia solution

The TruMedia solution: The European Bank started with installing TruMedia’s  i-Tally  and iCapture product lines.

iTally  is an automatic video-based people counter that measures customer traffic in the retail/bank environment. It provides flow counts, area counts for queues and dwell time statistics.

iCapture is a flexible audience measurement system that accurately measures audience attention towards screens and displays. It provides information on the gender and age group of the customers as well as  what they saw and for how long they looked.


Following the installation, the Bank was able to better manage customer traffic peaks throughout the day as well as understand what are the highly populated areas and what are the average queue times. Based on the information gathered it could support and adjust its bank tellers’ work schedule according to the needs of the customers and support, when needed, with extra staff. In addition, the Bank could automatically target its different customers with a tailor made advertisement based on the customer’s demographics. Afterwards, evaluation of the effectiveness of the ads displayed could be performed.


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