A large European supermarket chain wanted to effectively direct, measure and target the customers in its stores.

The context

A large European supermarket chain wanted to effectively direct, measure and target the customers in its stores .The Supermarket chain offers in addition to food: clothes, home appliances, do it yourself home equipment and cosmetics. Since the stores’ customers are comprised of men and women of all ages they wanted a tool that will increase the efficiency of their targeting efforts. They wanted to know when do different demographic groups shop in order to target the different groups with a customized offering at the relevant time slots. They also wanted to target their customers when entering the store  with a customized advertisement.

The Project

The chain installed TruMedia’s iCapture – audience measurement solution and iTally- the people counting solution in order to gather information on the shoppers profile and behavior in the store,  to compare the different stores (conversion rate), as well as to target the different shoppers with a customized offer. Through the integration of the TruMedia solution with the content management system a customized platform was deployed. The media player receives real-time direct information from the TruMedia device, which enables the player to automatically choose the targeted advertisement based on the demographics of the shopper viewing the screen. Each demographic group of shoppers was offered in real-time  a customized advertisement of certain store items or special promotions relevant to that certain group (based on gender and age group).Women were offered traditional women items, Children were offered children related products, and the same goes for men. When the system recognized a group of shopper viewers it automatically selected a unisex advertisement of a product the is not gender associated or that can be relevant to most of the viewers.In addition to the real-time offer, knowing the shoppers buying habits (preferred shopping times by different demographic groups) enabled pre-planned campaigns and targeted promotions for the relevant demographic groups.


  • The store was able to customize its offering to the shoppers, which triggered increased shopper search of the relevant  product . This led to an average 12% increase in sales of the products advertised on the screens and a 9% increase in sales of the entire department advertised, on an annual basis.
  • Special promotions were offered for women on typical “women shopping hours” the same for men and children.
  • The stores in the chain were compared on the basis of conversion rate and based on this decisions regarding  the effectiveness of the different stores were made (benchmark).
  • The embedded digital signage solution installed enabled measurement of the advertisement played, and the fee the brand paid for its advertisement was depended on the viewing times of its ad.
  • Advertisements that did not provoke action by the viewers were reviewed periodically and replaced by action triggering ads.

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