TruMedia products are fully respectful of the audience’s privacy: no images are recorded, and no uniquely identifiable data can be extracted.TruMedia has a standing commitment to the protection of privacy. The data collected is anonymous; no individually identifiable data is ever collected. Images from the company’s sensors are processed and converted in real-time into data. The image exists for only a few seconds on the edge device only during its algorithmic processing time. Afterwards it is purged. The only data that is sent out of the device to the Company’s BA portal is a set of encrypt numbers regarding the viewer’s demographic data and engagement time. Using complex proprietary algorithms these counts are further assigned to specific demographic categories such as gender and age-group.

Secure data transfer

The TruMedia Devices & BA Portal use an encryption transition mechanism. The devices are an embedded platform and not a PC. Thus, the TruMedia devices have immunity to any security issues that a PC might have. The TruMedia portal is a cloud-based solution. Hosting is performed by a third-party in the US and in Europe. It has all the certification needed.


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